Donor Benefits

When you give to the Writers Guild Foundation, you’re giving to the past, present and future of writing.


You’re supporting our library and archive – the only one in the world dedicated entirely to writing for the screen. You’re supporting valuable programs like the Veterans Writing Project and the High School Screenwriting Workshops. You’re supporting a resource that film and television writers use to make our culture more vibrant and enriching – whether they’re current WGA members or future ones.


In the past, we’ve outlined specific types of benefits for specific donor levels. But our donors are creative people, and so are we – so we know that one size doesn’t fit all. We’d rather talk to you personally, and create a more personal donor experience. Maybe you’d like a tour of our library, or a tour of our archive. Maybe you’d like tickets to an event. Or maybe you’d like to have a chat with one of our reference librarians.


Click here to drop our Development Director a line, or give us a call at 323.782.4692 during normal business hours, and let’s talk. And thanks once again.