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Bob’s Burgers in a Kitchen Near You


Big News. We had a visit from our all time favorite celebrity chef: Bob Belcher.

He stopped by our office and completely failed at not being a total hot shot because he made us the most fantastic burger in honor of our upcoming panel with Lizzie and Wendy MolyneuxThe Genre Smash Burger. We’re trying not to have an excitement-induced crap attack.

We don’t have much of a kitchen here at the Foundation but he came prepared: Starched white apron, grater, industrial burger flipper and briefcase cook-top.

The ingredients were marched in and out by various member of the Belcher family, none of whom we ever saw in the same place at the same time. Tina attempted to help but was quickly distracted by something she calls “erotic fan-food fiction”. She then drew us a rather graphic portrait of a hamburger bun shaped like a man with remarkably realistic butt-cheeks.

Meanwhile, Gene started a small but manageable trash can fire in the archive.

And Louise spent most of her time on the corner of 3rd and Fairfax asking irreverent questions of fervent proselytizers who were chanting things Linda tried but couldn’t get on board with even for the simple sake of a good chant.

All the while, Bob patiently crafted our specialty Genre Smash Burger.

Here it is in all its glory.


Happy-cow, grass-fed burger patty replete with fried onion shoestrings, red wine sautéed mushrooms and blue cheese on a grilled bun.  Embodying the number one principle of Genre Smash: layer good things on top of good things like pre-historic sediment, if pre-historic sediment was fun and delicious.

What can we say? The man is an artist.

Come to Genre Smash on February 18th at the Nerdmelt Showroom and who knows whose bunny ears you may find amongst the crowd. And look for more Fan Foods from us in the future (erotic or otherwise).