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Ben Edlund at GENRE SMASH!


On July 15, 2014, the hilarious and diabolically brilliant television writer Ben Edlund joined us at the NerdMelt Showroom. We chatted about his work as a writer on shows like ANGEL and SUPERNATURAL and the upcoming GOTHAM, his childhood habit of wearing a leisure suit, his band (Ghost Tyger and Friends), and a ton of other wonderful stuff.


  • Ben’s description of how he performs as Ghost Tyger
  • Ben’s comparison of Bruce Wayne to Dexter Morgan
  • Ben’s response to a great question about women and LGBT characters on SUPERNATURAL
  • The moment during the Q&A segment when one dude asks Ben what it was like working with “Josh Whedon,” and there’s sort of a palpable tension in the room when everyone wonders whether it’d be rude to correct him

Here’s the podcast in full. Enjoy, folks!

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